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Skull Tales and Living Rules

With Skull Tales: Full Sail! we created the game that our hearts wanted, not the one that the budget allowed. We admit our mistake of wanting to give the backers an experience closer to a role-playing game with endless possibilities, rather than a board game and an expansion.

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Skull Tales miniatures painted by PlayInColorStudio

Photo gallery of miniatures of the game “Skull Tales” painted with great detail by PlayInColorStudio…

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List of miniatures for the game The Waylanders
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The Waylanders: Dice Tower
The Waylanders: Let’s start with the shipments!
“Yohei”: the Torii in the Island of Jiin

The Island of Jiin is full of powerful shrines that grant their gifts to those who stop by to pay respect through offerings.

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“YOHEI”: Clans of the Island of Jiin: Akuma

The heroes belong to asymmetric clans with their own personality skills resulting from their background story.

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“YOHEI”: the game board, units and hero cards

In Yohei, you need to read the battlefield wisely and optimize your unit cards and the skills of your heroes to achieve success in all its game modes.

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Skull Tales miniatures
Skull Tales: Full Sail! Is a pirate life simulator, a role-playing game that also has miniatures. The miniatures are an important part of the game given that they improve the gaming experience visually, but it is only one of the many components in the game and expansion: more than... Read more
«Yohei»: War and magic in the land of Jiin

“Yohei” is a skirmish game born from the passion for Japanese folkloric mysticism and its heroic deeds. The game created by Christian V. Tunn and José A. Ramírez.

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