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Many thanks to the more than 1,800 patrons who have helped Skull Tales: Full sails! To be financed in less than an hour, and double...

Thank you very much, patron!  (Link to the campaign) Many thanks to the more than 1,800 patrons who have helped Skull Tales: Full sails! To be financed in less than an hour, and double the amount raised by the previous edition in less than two hours. With your help, we have achieved the incredible number of 71 miniatures! Including the twins, which will no longer be available after the first 48 hours of early Bird in addition to that, all this content has been unlocked so far:

  • New character: The Far East Spy. It comes with your miniature, person sheet and equipment letters.


  • 3 new Enemies: Bounty Hunters, with 4 miniatures. The Sirens and the drowned, the latter two with 6 minis each and their respective enemy leaves.


  • 1 Sea enemy. The Sea serpent and its card for the game as well as custom letters and related event.
  • Patrons with the add-on of boats, will receive a miniature more, representing the sea serpent.
  • Plastic coins to replace the chips. An aged finish has also been unlocked to make them even more attractive.
  • 5 two-digit dials to mark your pirate's prestige.
  • A dial to count the action points in the form of a compass.
  • A metallic coin exclusively for patrons, with which to distinguish the captain.
  • 15 additional cards for the port phase.
  • 5 Letters of Success
  • 10 Crossing Charts
  • 4 Team Charts (2 x bayonet and 2 x Legba ring)
  • The complete campaign published with the first edition, "The Devil's Cauldron", adapted to the new version of Skull Tales, with its campaign book, Tiles, tile markers, their miniatures of bounty Hunters (4) and a legendary card.
  • Two adventures, totally new!
  • 12 new tiles, next to their markers. Two of them with new mechanics: Trench and lava
  • Character sheet pad to point the data between games.
  • A cloth bag with the game logo.

But the campaign does not end here, nor the surprises because we want the fidelity of the patrons to be rewarded with objectives of great quality and that add fun and experience of play at the tables. Stay on top of the campaign, you can also follow us on our social networks and help unlock the SG's at the same time:

  • BGG (Unlocked): To reach 300 fans in the BGG with the new Skull Tales: Full Sail!  You will receive 2 exclusive boxes of 50x50x70mm size to keep all the small cards: equipment, legendary objects, events, magic and search.
  • FACEBOOK: Reach 2000 "I like" and share this special entry 400 times the patrons will receive 2 exclusive 70x70x110mm boxes with special design, to keep all the big cards: Cruise and port events and letters of rumors and orders of the captain.
  • Twitter: If Retuiteamos 400 times this tweet and we reached 1200 followers on our Twitter. Patrons will receive an exclusive miniature of a Zombie, which can be invoked by the Voodoo man.

Welcome aboard the "Lady of the South"!


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