Eclipse Editorial
Introducing the native Explorer, Strech goal already unlocked in the campaign.

Years ago, when Captain Lobo Jones was only a petty officer at the service of a smuggler of furs, on one of his trips to the Bay of Biscay, he was unlucky enough to shut his boat down in the waters of the mouth of the river.   The crew had to carry all the merchandise, crossing the mired waters of the place because of the negligence of that captain. They got the help of some natives who worked for the smuggler in exchange for a barrel of rum for their tribe.  In an oversight of Jones, while he was more concerned with the burden than the beast that threatened behind his back, an alligator pounced on the distracted petty Officer. It would have ended like the lunch of that reptile if it were not for the intervention of a young native, that armed only with a knife, pulverized the head of the alligator without hesitation a second.   Wolf Jones invited the young man aboard, releasing the smuggler's yoke, and that was how that Indian was part of our crew. An introverted man, at the same speed, fierce and with a aim that touches the supernatural. Thanks to the last Stretch Goal achieved, we will now have this new pirate character for our adventures. We have the character card, new miniature, and two team cards (carbine and tribal mace) and your card for competitive mode (PvP).     Https://


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