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   $79000 (Free Expansion): We’ll include the complete Campaign II ‘The Devil’s Cauldron’ based on the campaign in the old Skull Tales, totally adapted...


  •  $79000 (Free Expansion): We’ll include the complete Campaign II ‘The Devil’s Cauldron’ based on the campaign in the old Skull Tales, totally adapted and with its own components: Campaign book, 4 tiles, 4 Bounty Hunter minis, 1 Legendary Item card, 4 tile tokens, Bounty Hunter card.
  • $89000 (Base Game): We’ll include 20 gems that represent 20 coins or two gold coins. We’ll also include an exclusive, backers-only metal coin to represent who the Captain is or who has the Initiative.
  • $99000 (Base Game): We’ll change the Prestige tokens for 5 dials (two digit) – much more comfortable!

  • $109000 (Free Expansion): Far-Eastern Spy Character (token, miniature, Gear card, and equipment cards: falcon and special weapon).
  • $116000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): We’ll include two new swamp tiles for your adventures, adding more water tiles to the game. Mobility will be severely reduced on these tiles.
  • $123000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): The Sea Serpent stalks the deep, awaiting new prey – a new enemy for the Voyage Phase, with token and card. Plus, we’ll include an Assignment card and an event related to the frightening Sea Serpent. Also, the miniature for this terrifying creature will be included in the Ships for the Voyage Phase add-on.
  • $128000 (Unlocked, Base Game): As you enter the Chapel you run into an unfamiliar face…will he offer you a job or challenge you to a duel? This SG includes 5 additional events to the Port Phase.
  • $133000 (Unlocked, Base Game): No more cheating, pirate! Now you won’t know where that tile marker is, as they’ll be kept safe in this new cloth bag we’ll add to the game content. Plus, it’s time the shine from our coins stopped attracting all the troublemakers on Tortuga Island. For this SG, we’ll add an aged-look to the coins, in ABS plastic, 30mm.
  • $140000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): A new adventure you can play independently or as an alternative to when your ship is captured. This SG adds two new tiles for the Adventure Phase.
  • $147000 (Unlocked, Base Game): Have you just finished a campaign chapter and want to get some rest? Did you lose an eye, hand, or leg on your last adventure? Write down your character’s information on this notepad to get started quickly the next time you play. The action point compass dial allows you to keep track of spent AP, making each player’s turn easier to manage.

  • $157000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): They’re beautiful, they’re charming…but they can be deadly when angered and their touch can kill. This SG includes a new enemy to face: the mermaids. Including the enemy card and 6 new miniatures to represent the Mermaids. 6 miniatures!
  • $164000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 5 Additional Journey Events. What new dangers lurk in the Caribbean Sea? 5 new Journey cards, with new events and dangers for your ship to face while sailing to your destination.
  • $171000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 New Tiles. A new adventure that will make our crew face a shipwreck in an island filled with dangers and legendary creatures. Including 2 new terrain tiles for the Adventure phase.

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