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Ratland: The conquest of the sewer

“Compete to become the most numerous rat clan, and have no mercy with your competitors, survival is all that matters! To achieve your goals, you will need to make important decisions and get as much food as you can, even by stealing it to your neighbours. But beware, because they will try to do the same thing!”


“Ratland” is a fun family game for 2 to 6 players and from ages 8 and ahead. Each player controls a clan of rats, with the goal to make it the largest and most populated clan in the sewers. To do this, they will need to procreate as much as they can, while collecting as much cheese as possible, an essential good needed to feed your rats.

But be careful with the other players! They can steal your food, or may get ahead to obtain cheese from the same areas as you: the dumpster, the city and the field.

The game was created by Eduardo García, with illustrations created by Ramsés Bosque (“2GM Tactics”, “ONUS!” o “Dice Driving”) and with Matías Cazorla (“2GM Tactics”, “ONUS!” o “España 20”) in charge of the graphic design. The 3D miniatures were modelled by Pablo Miras (“Alchemical Crystal Quest”).

The game contains: 80 rat tokens, 60 cheese tokens in several colors, (11 white, 4 black, 44 yellow, 11 orange, 3 purple & 6 blue), 6 sewer boards, 6 sewer screens, 48 cards (14 events, 9 food cards, 12 Clan cards, 6 graveyard/lose cards, 6 quick references and 1 turn card), 1 opaque cloth bag and 2 rulebooks ( 1 in English and Spanish, and 1 in German and French)

Recommended age:
From 8 years

Number of players:
From 2 to 6

Estimated duration:
Between 35-40 minutes


In this link you will find the list of backers who have made Ratland a reality.

Acknowledgments to the backers