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Skull Tales: Full Sail! Downloads

Here you will find downloads and community-created material for Skull Tales: Full Sail!

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Tortuga’s production: Full sail!

We continue with the good news: A few weeks ago we received the sample of the box, the manual and the color proofs of the Tortuga cards. We are very satisfied with the result. Nothing to object to the work done by the printer.

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Skull Tales and Living Rules

With Skull Tales: Full Sail! we created the game that our hearts wanted, not the one that the budget allowed. We admit our mistake of wanting to give the backers an experience closer to a role-playing game with endless possibilities, rather than a board game and an expansion.

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Skull Tales miniatures painted by PlayInColorStudio

Photo gallery of miniatures of the game “Skull Tales” painted with great detail by PlayInColorStudio…

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Skull Tales miniatures
Skull Tales: Full Sail! Is a pirate life simulator, a role-playing game that also has miniatures. The miniatures are an important part of the game given that they improve the gaming experience visually, but it is only one of the many components in the game and expansion: more than... Read more
Pirates avatars of Skull Tales

From this page you can download your favorite pirate character to set up your avatar wherever you want (Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, forums, etc.). In this link you have all the Avatars of Skull Tales.

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