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We talk about the range of the attacks Drums of War: Choose well where to fight, we talk about the range of your units.

The positioning of forces on the battlefield is crucial in Drums of War: Enclave.

The front of the battlefield has 5 positions on the board. Usually, units will fight against the enemy directly in front of them, although some units have a longer range, which allows them to attack or support attacks than at other points on the front.

The range is represented by the icon at the top left of the card, which shows as many swords as positions the unit can reach.

You would want to keep options open for your units to attack where it is most convenient, but your enemy will make things difficult for you by opposing units to engage yours in combat.

You should always keep in mind that the objective of the game is to finish off the enemy leader before you run out of cards in your deck, so even if you sometimes focus on clearing the battlefield, your long-term strategy must include gathering troops with sufficient attack values to hurt the enemy leader. It’s not easy!

Jayme, for example, has an armor value of 5, which you will need to match with your attacks.

What will be your side in Drums of War?

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