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NEXUM Galaxy: Author's note and acknowledgments NEXUM Galaxy: Author’s note and acknowledgments

NEXUM Galaxy could be considered a collective work, since it incorporates the contributions of hundreds of players of all game levels and ages, and of the publisher.

The game, as a cultural object, is based on shared references from science fiction literature and cinematography such as Isaac Asimov, HG Wells, Philp K. Dick, Gene Roddenberry, from knowledge about what will be possible in science and from the study of what It can be improved with modern mechanics in classic strategy games like “Risk” and “Stratego”.

It aims to provide the feeling of expansion and conquest of other worlds in the first person, using the minimum elements, rules, and possible time, maintaining until the end the possibility that anyone can be a winner.

It helps to develop mental calculation skills, to make decisions based on intuition, and to share and repeat games with whom you have so much trouble convincing …

This game has been an annoyance, hard-work, and effort of so many, but so many people, that I cannot help but thank, despite the restraining order requested by all of them:

  • To my family, especially Ian and Pati, who have suffered so many versions to test. The special three-player turn-based mode is of his kind. To other martyrs of the test like Mateo, Mariajo and Quique, to the cousins-nephews of Seville and Arroyomolinos. To my parents who have facilitated some promotional and testing trips.
  • Friends who have lent themselves and have even lent their families and homes, without even being regular gamers. Charli and family, Luis and family, Chema and family, Helge and family, Ángel, Víctor (who gave me the idea of ​​a future version in letters that perhaps one day you will see), …
  • To LUDO and his people, especially Julio Romacho’s torch, with whom I am learning so much and personally enjoying myself.
  • To José Antonio Melguizo y Verónica Núñez, who successfully pushed me to the fairs in half of Spain.
  • To Enrique Pla for his patient testing of the latest versions, and his contributions in special modes and to Xuan Nacher for his contribution to the new shift system.
  • To Luis Álvaro Hernández, for trusting me and my work. And to his wonderful team, professional, expert and thoughtful, and his environment of friends and collaborators such as José María Núñez.
  • To the organizers of so many events where I have been able to test the game and receive feedback from people of different tastes, ages and experiences:
    • The “Designer’s Thursdays” of EPIC-Madrid (fallen due to the SARS2 crisis).
    • “LUDO Encounters” by Zacatrus Madrid.
    • Afternoons of GenX Carranza in Madrid.
    • Afternoons at “La Comarca De Los Juegos” in Madrid.
    • Sundays LUDO at “Cyber ​​La Vega” in Seseña, 2019.
    • Orcasitas Da2 Board Games Club, 2019.
    • “Los Pinos” Cultural Center in Alcorcón, 2019.
    • “ProtosyTipos 2019” in Zaragoza.
    • “Wargames 2019” by Dracoideas in Móstoles.
    • Games at LUDUS BELLI in Móstoles, 2019.
    • “Play 2019” in Murcia.
    • “Gaming 2019” in Granada.
    • “Hispania Wargames 2019” in Alahurín de la Torre, Málaga.
    • “Asociación Círculo de Isengard” of Alcalá de Henares, 2019.
    • “JugaMóstoles19” in Móstoles.
    • “Seventh Grade” Club in Leganés, 2019.
    • “Arkat Mystics Association” in Torrejón de Ardoz, 2019.
    • “Solidarity Days Ludo Ergo Sum” in Villaverde, Madrid, 2019.
    • Fair “Menteludic” of Moralzarzal, 2019
    • “Comic and Fandom Fair” Collado Villalba, 2019
    • “Getafe Fair”, 2019
    • “DAU Game Festival” Barcelona, 2019
    • “International Games Festival of Córdoba”, 2019
    • Convention “Briviescon”, 2019
    • NEXUM Tournament in “Comic y Mazmorras”, in Tenerife, 2019
    • Board Games Convention. Malaga, 2019
    • Cordoba Fair, online 2020
    • DAU in Barcelona, online 2020
    • VirtuaLES and InvernaLES and PrimaveraLES, Madrid-online 2020, 2021
    • Games in METAMORFO, Getafe, 2020.
    • Games at EL ASEDIO, Las Rozas, 2021.

I hope you enjoy it as I do, and contribute to many of your good times as a family, as a couple or among friends.

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