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ECLIPSE EDITORIAL is born with the goal of creating high quality board games that are innovative, exciting and appealing. Although we are a young publisher of recent creation, our company is comprised by a team of professionals with wide experience in the gaming sector and expertise in all areas of development of a board game


Eclipse Editorial is a new board game publisher, that starts its venture with the publishing of “Ratland”, a game created by Eduardo García and the first game to be released under this new brand. It is a fun family game for all kinds of players, where laughs and competition are guaranteed!

We are also working on our next board game, nothing more and nothing less than version 2.0 of Skull Tales, the game created by David Illescas, that now returns with lots of new content and a new, fully redesigned edition, in both the artwork and the mechanics of the game.

But this is just the beginning and it doesn’t get much more exciting than this, we have two upcoming games that excite us, which we are developing without sparing any efforts. We are entrepreneurs, but above all else we are players, and we want to offer exciting, innovative and appealing high quality board games.