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Eclipse Editorial was born with the aim of creating board games that we enjoy, exciting, that we are passionate about, that immerse us in their history and leave memorable memories of their games.

What began as an adventure, has become a journey that has lasted since 2017 in which we have already published a dozen titles by Spanish authors, as we are committed to national talent and creativity.

Our star game so far is undoubtedly Skull Tales: Full Sail! Not only because of the great success it had on Kickstarter, breaking fundraising and backers records, but also because of the large community of players who, to this day, make up the crew of the South Lady and continue playing adventures in the fantastic Caribbean.

We invite you to browse our catalog together, from dark rat sewers, fights between heroes set in Celtic Galicia, in World War II, or in a fantastic Japan plagued by demons.

Cross the West as a Marshal capturing outlaws, get to know the Mayan city of Nakum, get into the Nocaut! ring or repair vehicles at full speed in Turbo Town. If you dare, conquer the Nexum Galaxy or go through the Kingdom to defeat the Dragon with your adventurer.

Never stop playing!