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First hours gift and more gifts during the campaign! Drums of War: Early bird, Stretch Goals programmed, what are we talking about?

Sometimes, in Kickstarter campaigns or social media, you will find these terms:

Early Bird

The backers who support the campaign during the first 48 hours will receive an exclusive metallic coin as a gift, to mark the initiative in the game.

Locked strecht goals

These are rewards earned upon reaching certain project funding milestones.

For Drums of War, we have decided to schedule these goals, to be revealed throughout the campaign, regardless of the amount of funding raised.

We are so confident in the success of the game that we are going to unlock all the goals we have prepared, but we want them to be a surprise!

In the campaign you will find this schedule, with the dates on which we will reveal which objective will be unlocked.

And, yes, you saw right, the day the campaign starts, the mounted board is going to be unlocked.

We encourage you to follow the campaign to see all the content that will eventually be included in the game.

We are counting on you!

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