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Meet some of the leaders of the game Drums of War: Leaders

“A group of orcs without a leader is a gang. With a leader in charge, it’s an army!”

Thugg to his commanders

In Drums of War: Enclave you lead an army, either of humans or orcs.

Your first decision in the game will be which leader to use: they all have a powerful ability, but, at the same time, they also have a cost to pay in cards that are removed from your deck for this game

Depending on the leader, these cards can be chosen by you or randomly.

Remember that the game ends when the leader dies, protect yourself!


Skibling is a crawling and cowardly goblin, but he won’t hesitate to stick his axe in your shoulder blade as soon as you turn your back on him. He also has the ability to avoid the attacks of enemy units with mocking ease.


Joanna has heard the call to arms, a call that she transmits to her troops to retrieve cards so that they are once again operational for combat.


Thugg is an orc warrior of unparalleled ferocity. In addition to being the leader of a huge clan, his bellicosity allows him to break into the battlefield and fight side by side with their deadly hordes.


Jayme can reinforce the defense of all troops on the battlefield at the expense of his own. It is a very useful skill in key moments of the battle to turn the combat in his favor. But be careful because if he abuses it, it will be very easy to get hurt. Besides, Jayme always pays his debts… with the blood of his enemy.

The Kickstarter campaign starts on March 14, sign up here to be notified.

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