Eclipse Editorial


Magic and steel in the battles of Jiin

A game created by José A. Ramírez and Christian V. Tunn. Coming soon!


The conquest of the sewer

Introducing “RatLand”, a game created by Eduardo García and our first published title.

“Skull Tales: Full Sail!”

Our next game

Very soon, more information about “Skull Tales: Full Sail!” by David Illescas, our next game. New edition with lots of extra content, new cards, graphic redesign and new illustrations for the famous Skull Tales.


“The Waylanders”

Our next collaboration

Very soon more information about “The Waylanders”, a game co-published with Gato Salvaje Studio.

“Frontier Wars”

Fight for victory with your army

“Frontier Wars”, a game by Manuel Burrueco, co-published with Draco Ideas, where you will be in charge of one of the four most relevant factions of Second World War.

“Theft of the Century”

Available in stores.

A legendary booty, six rival bands. Will you be able to reach it and escape from the agents of the law? “Theft of the Century” a card game by Álvaro Isorna.

“Boom Party!”

Available in stores.

Welcome to the funnies and nastiest birthday party. A game filled with interaction. “Boom Party!” a card game by Pablo Jiménez.