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“YOHEI”: Magic and steel in the battles of Jiin “YOHEI”: Magic and steel in the battles of Jiin
“YOHEI”: Magic and steel in the battles of Jiin

Confront unique heroes in epic battles. A skirmish game with asymmetric factions in an oriental fantasy setting


Yohei is a skirmish game born from the combination of Japanese folkloric mysticism and its heroic deeds.

Combine die rolling, modular boards, and card management to immerse yourself in battles fought by the warriors of your army.  Construct buildings, summon powerful events, invoke legendary weapons, and crush your enemy in games that last around 30 minutes per player.

Yohei offers 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 3 player free-for-all skirmishes.  Additionally, for those who manage to master the game and want to delve deeper into its mechanics, you can also build your own decks with your favorite characters and events seeking endless combinations and hidden tricks among the skills, weapons and heroes of Jiin.

A good backstory provides the historical background to the feats and conflicts of the heroes of the Island of Jiin and its asymmetric clans.

Will you be the chosen one? Will you manage to subdue your enemies?


Game designed by Christian V. Tunn and José A. Ramírez, with amazing art by Paco Arenas (Skull Tales) and graphic design by Matías Cazorla (Ratland, Frontier Wars and Theft of the Century).

The game contains: 44 Unit cards, 44 Unit tokens, 30 Event cards, 6 Object cards, 6 Object tokens, 5 Market tokens, 6 six-hex double sided tiles, 6 four-hex double sided tiles, 1 double sided Temple tile, 3 Deployment Area tiles, 1 Vortex token, 3 Tower tokens, 3 Chest tokens, 18 Torii tokens, 18 Round tokens, 18 Engaged in Combat / Command Point tokens, 18 Wound / KO markers, 28 plastic bases, 11 six-sided dice, 1 Vortex pawn, 6 Walls, 6 Temples, 6 Watchtowers, and 1 Rulebook.

Recommended age:
+8 years

Number of players:
From 2 to 4

Estimated duration:
30 minutes per player