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We talk about some of the units in Drums of War: Enclave Drums of War: Units

Drums of War – Enclave is a confrontation game between human and orc armies.

Whether you play against a human opponent or solitaire, you will have to make good use of your units and deploy them wisely on the battlefield.

Before making a brief review of some of the units that you will find in each side of the game, we want to remind you that, during the first 48 hours of the campaign, you get a free metal coin. Sign up to receive the notification on March 14 so you don’t miss it.

When it comes to getting the job done, who do you trust?

When it comes to crowding the battlefield and doing the hard work, these units take their task very seriously.

They make up the bulk of each army and are basic to keep our battlefield under control.

The human Soldier has been trained to maintain his defensive position side by side with his comrades. He has an ability that allows him to increase his defense as long as there are other soldier or halberdier units in the front line.

The orc Warrior becomes enraged as he sees other orcs fall on the battlefield. His ability allows him to increase his attack value when there are casualties in his own army.

Ranged attack infantry

The human Archer is a fundamental support unit for the army. Its ability allows it to increase her attack when attacking from a distance.

The Crossbow orc waits for the right moment to fire a bolt at the enemy as he deploys without any possibility of response. Of course, he then has to reload it.

Melee infantry

The orc Lancer is a unit loyal to its horde and to the hero who commands it. If the hero is wounded during the battle, it will be cheaper to deploy the spearmen. In addition, they have the best trackers and monster hunters in their ranks.

The human Halberdier masterfully uses their advantage against enemy cavalry units, being deadly against this type of units. And they are used to fighting side by side with soldiers, which allows them to create a superb synergy with them.

Mounted units

The range of these units (represented in the number of swords at the top left of the card) represents the mobility of these units, capable of attacking anywhere along the front line.

The human Knight has been instructed to come to the front line in close formation, this makes their attack more powerful when deployed. In addition, these are units loyal to their leader, which will cause their cost to deploy to be reduced if they spot their hero wounded.

The Orc Rider is devastating against enemy infantry units. In addition, it has the ability to nullify an enemy ability within its range, which makes it especially useful in combat. Add to this the fact that he can use rush tactics, which allows him to ignore his engaged enemy, and we have a very powerful unit at our disposal.

These are just some of the units you will find in Drums of War: Enclave, but there are many more!

In addition, during the crowdfunding campaign, we will be revealing new units that will be incorporated to both armies.

See you soon!

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