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NEXUM Galaxy: Extreme Strategy Game NEXUM Galaxy: Extreme Strategy Game
Now the most powerful Groups of Civilizations are arriving from the most remote parts of the Universe through the limited TANNHÄUSER’ GATES. They will... NEXUM Galaxy: Extreme Strategy Game

(Extracts from the code “Civilitas”, which contains the preserved legacies of the history of the civilizations of the Universe):


… Millions of years have passed since the ancient Humans, who arose on the mythical Earth, discovered the technology of stellar travel. Their descendants, Settlers of Planetary Systems, have traveled the galaxies fighting countless alien species to expand their influence and ensure their survival. Now they have almost nothing to do with what it was before, and each group of civilizations that has survived has been thanks to its split, evolution, and specialization in the domain of one of the foundations of nature (matter, energy, data, and space-time). Everyone is aware that they lack the knowledge that will allow them to absorb others to gain absolute control. What they call NEXUM…


As a result of the merger of a black hole and a neutron star, one kilonova has exploited alongside the forgotten and remote GALAXY. This has put the focus on from  all corners of the Universe in the remains of the Athavian civilization, which before its destruction had secretly reached the maximum knowledge that the ancient codices call NEXUM and the absolute power that it carries. Until that unexpected annihilation, the Atavians had succeeded. dodge attention to GALAXY, progressing silently for the last five hundred million years of the second eon after the Big Bang.



  • 1 to 4 players.
  • 25′ for 2 players, 45′ for 3 players and 55′ for 4 players.
  • Extreme strategy (base game without chance, without events, just your mind against that of your rivals).
  • Strategic management of resources and positioning to achieve victories in Combat and Technological Relics.
  • Ability to surprise until the end. “Nothing is lost until it is lost”.
  • Simple rules, minimal elements for its genre.
  • Medium-low difficulty.
  • From 8 years old.
  • For gamers and the uninitiated.
  • Space theme with immersion in science fiction.
  • Different levels going up to generations with particular abilities of each group of civilizations.
  • An economic base game, with deluxe options (space mat, plastic ships, …).
  • 3×4 solar systems discs, 29×4 ships, 32 energy tokens, 4 victory discs, plus reminders …


  • It becomes a 4X game (eXploration, …)
  • Collecting asteroids and mining Nexum crystals.
  • SpaceShips improvement.
  • Campaign, tournament, cooperative, adventure modes …
  • Multi-battle mode up to 16 players joining 4 games, using wormholes to transmit spaceships and resources between sides.
  • Asteroid clouds, exploration of new Exotic Systems …
  • Manageable and positionable events on stage.
  • Medium-high difficulty.
  • From 8 years old.
  • Requires and complements the base game.


Now the most powerful Groups of Civilizations are arriving from the most remote parts of the Universe through the limited TANNHÄUSER’ GATES. They will fight for the domain of GALAXY and the secrets that the scattered TECHNOLOGICAL RELICS, which they contain the scattered NEXUM knowledge. You will be in command of one of the four armies to control the galaxy and its secrets:


Collective Gnomicon (blue squad): They are cold machines that work like multisensory swarms endowed with collective intelligence. Greater potential: Supercalculation, with which they coordinate attacks and foresee many dangers. Against: They don’t feel, and do not take prisoners. Element: Information, predictive calculation.


Psychon (yellow squad): Highly energetic beings who dominate almost all frequencies. Greater potential: Electromagnetically alter the will of others. Against: Bad to win and worse to lose. Element: Energy, control of communication.


Clonix (red squad): Army composed of all kinds of cyborg beings that are drones, from an undisclosed galaxy, for what remains of the ancient human species. Greater potential: Military experience. Against: Absolute neglect of personal appearance. Element: Space-time. Exquisite punctuality.


Bionts (green squad): The deadliest combination of all life forms that they have assimilated in their travels through the galaxies. Greater potential: Defense and infection. Against: They are recognized by the strong smell of garlic. Element: Matter. Replica of any form of life.



Each Group of civilizations has managed to use a Tannhäuser Gate to deliver a few spaceships to a Tann (Initial Planet), with very limited energy resources.

From that point of arrival, conquer planets, requisition loot, extract energy, capture Relics, craft, and mobilize new ships to achieve absolute control of the NEXUM that is scattered throughout GALAXY!


To make up the game board, three Planetary Systems are placed on the table for each participating player.

Each Planetary System is made up of a star and three planets:

  • An initial system, the color of the player, whose largest planet is the “Tann” or possessor of the Tannhäuser Gate, through which its four initial ships are supposed to have arrived.
  • A large system, with three large planets and a Tech Relic on one of them.
  • A small system, with a large planet, a medium and a small one, which houses another of the Technological Relics that carry the NEXUM.

That is, there are six Planetary Systems for one and two players, up to twelve Systems for four players, each game being able to have a different composition, forcing strategies to be rethought. The turn is not significant, but if they touch or not, because it will affect the cost of movement between them.

  • All players will start with three energy units and four ships on their planet “Tann”.
  • The turn system is different depending on whether there are one, two, three or four players, following the corresponding mini-board.
    It is always made up of one or two phases, these being “Management” or “Navigation”.
  • In the “Management” phase, energy is obtained for each Astro that one owns and then there is the possibility of creating ships on controlled planets, in exchange for energy.
  • In the “Navigation” phase, you can navigate at different distances and costs, and you can conquer an Astro with or without combat, providing energy loot according to the size of the star. The combats are by majority of ships, with cost of sacrifice in function of the defense.
  • The stars have limitations and special appropriation, defense, and destruction properties.
  • The Technological Relics endow those who occupy them with special properties, being able to take them to other Planets and accumulate them in combined effect.

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Designer: Enrique Prieto
Graphic design and illustrator: Matías Cazorla
Cover: Paco Arenas

Recommended age:
More than 8 years

Number of players:
1 to 4

Estimated time:
25’ for 2 players
45′ for 3 players
55′ for 4 players


NEXUM Galaxy could be considered a collective work, since it incorporates the contributions of hundreds of players of all game levels and ages, and of the publisher.

In this link, the author elaborates on that concept and also thanks some of those people for taking the time to make NEXUM Galaxy what it is today.

Author’s note and acknowledgments