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We want to share a piece of news with all of you Draco Ideas & Eclipse Editorial, TOGETHER!


Today we want to talk to you about something important, although everything will remain the same.


It’s very simple, for a long time, Draco Ideas and Eclipse editorial shared resources, facilities and part of the team.

For these and many other reasons, we have unified both publishing houses into a single company, Draco Ideas SL, while maintaining the identity of each brand.

So you will still find the Eclipse Editorial games in the Draco Ideas webshop, and the games and our passion will remain the same, the Eclipse logo is still present in the narrative and family games.


Examples of this model are the second edition of Skull Tales: Full Sail! and the recent Drums of War – Enclave.

Draco Ideas, on the other hand, continues to publish historical simulation and wargames under its brand.


Other than that, everything remains the same, the catalogues of both publishers for B2B and B2C (shops and consumers) are available in the Draco Ideas webshop.

And if you have a shop and we call you or send you mails, it’s because we are self-distributing! Because… Who is going to talk more fondly about our games than us?

We are extending our shop network, in Spain and beyond, to bring our games even further afield.

We finish by anticipating that we will soon celebrate the DracoDay, in which we will bring you the new games of both brands and what is about to be released.

We will soon know the place and date, stay tuned!

Thank you for trusting us all these years!

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