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Drums of War: Enclave includes a solitaire mode Drums of War: Also in Solo play

Drums of War: Enclave includes a solitaire mode. The game includes a manual that allows any of the armies to be controlled by an Artificial Intelligence that will follow simple and intuitive rules in its turn.

  • In the deployment phase, follow a flowchart of questions with Yes or No answers for the AI to reveal your army on the front line.
  • The combat phase is resolved by priority rules in which the AI will always seek to gain an advantage in the battle.
  • In the replenishment phase, the cards are placed on the front line, face down, and the remaining cards can be used to activate the hero’s ability.

With this simple decision tree and a few simple instructions, you will have an opponent controlled by the game’s AI that does not slow down the pace of the game while maintaining the challenge of defeating him.

Deck destruction, what does it mean?

Drums of War features this mechanic, but what exactly are we referring to?

In our playing area we have two piles of used cards, one will be our discard, in which, for example, go the units eliminated from the battlefield.

When our game deck is finished, we rebuild it with the cards from the discard pile.

The deck of removed cards, on the other hand, does not come back into play, unless a specific ability makes use of it.

In this pile are the cards that we remove when we choose a leader and also those that we use to put units into play.

This is why we have to think very carefully about which card to use and which to remove when playing units, as these cards will not return to the game.

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