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“YOHEI”: the game board, units and hero cards

In Yohei, you need to read the battlefield wisely and optimize your unit cards and the skills of your heroes to achieve success in all its game modes.

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Skull Tales miniatures
Skull Tales: Full Sail! Is a pirate life simulator, a role-playing game that also has miniatures. The miniatures are an important part of the game given that they improve the gaming experience visually, but it is only one of the many components in the game and expansion: more than... Read more
«Yohei»: War and magic in the land of Jiin

“Yohei” is a skirmish game born from the passion for Japanese folkloric mysticism and its heroic deeds. The game created by Christian V. Tunn and José A. Ramírez.

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The Waylanders full game in pictures
These pictures are from a game of The Waylanders played this saturday at an event at Mecatol in Madrid. In this game, 16-years old Ricardo plays against Luis (his father), after picking their teams of 5 adventurers each by a “draft”. This was the result:     Read more
The Waylanders: The Combat

Combat in the Waylander´s Universe

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The Waylanders at Gamescom and a brief look at the character classes
Gamescom is the most important video games fair in Europe (with nearly 400,000 attendees and 900 stands). This year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary and our colleagues from Gato Studio are attending the show to present the Waylanders universe. The video games producer Gato Studio has set a very nice stand,... Read more
Character races in The Waylanders

The Waylanders is set in an era of magic, when mankind was closer to nature and still fully involved with the other races of the world. The adventures and quests for power and treasures became an obsession for the adventurers of the time, who forged alliances and made enemies to reach places of power

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The Waylanders: Eclipse’s new game on Kickstarter
“In this veiled age, hidden between the mists of time, untamed adventurers are born, and brilliant strategists join together, eager to create shiny realms of legend along the chimerical path that lay before them. But despite this being a time of witchcraft, the arcane lands are scarce and the... Read more

The girl went down the steps decided, while the mixture of smells confirmed that he had given the right place. Squinted his eyes to get used to the darkness of the cellar and descried the old man who walked from one place to another, taking containers with different contents and mixing them in a kind of kettle revived by the fire of the chimney.

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The survey to decide the next character we are going to include in our campaign is coming to an end. Tomorrow, throughout the afternoon, we will close the vote and share with you all the result. But it's not the only thing we're going to share in that update…

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