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$79000 (Free Expansion): We’ll include the complete Campaign II ‘The Devil’s Cauldron’ based on the campaign in the old Skull Tales, totally adapted and...

  • $79000 (Free Expansion): We’ll include the complete Campaign II ‘The Devil’s Cauldron’ based on the campaign in the old Skull Tales, totally adapted and with its own components: Campaign book, 4 tiles, 4 Bounty Hunter minis, 1 Legendary Item card, 4 tile tokens, Bounty Hunter card.
  • $89000 (Base Game): We’ll include 20 gems that represent 20 coins or two gold coins. We’ll also include an exclusive, backers-only metal coin to represent who the Captain is or who has the Initiative.
  • $99000 (Base Game): We’ll change the Prestige tokens for 5 dials (two digit) – much more comfortable!

  • $109000 (Free Expansion): Far-Eastern Spy Character (token, miniature, Gear card, and equipment cards: falcon and special weapon).
  • $116000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): We’ll include two new swamp tiles for your adventures, adding more water tiles to the game. Mobility will be severely reduced on these tiles.
  • $123000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): The Sea Serpent stalks the deep, awaiting new prey – a new enemy for the Voyage Phase, with token and card. Plus, we’ll include an Assignment card and an event related to the frightening Sea Serpent. Also, the miniature for this terrifying creature will be included in the Ships for the Voyage Phase add-on.
  • $128000 (Unlocked, Base Game): As you enter the Chapel you run into an unfamiliar face…will he offer you a job or challenge you to a duel? This SG includes 5 additional events to the Port Phase.
  • $133000 (Unlocked, Base Game): No more cheating, pirate! Now you won’t know where that tile marker is, as they’ll be kept safe in this new cloth bag we’ll add to the game content. Plus, it’s time the shine from our coins stopped attracting all the troublemakers on Tortuga Island. For this SG, we’ll add an aged-look to the coins, in ABS plastic, 30mm.
  • $140000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): A new adventure you can play independently or as an alternative to when your ship is captured. This SG adds two new tiles for the Adventure Phase.
  • $147000 (Unlocked, Base Game): Have you just finished a campaign chapter and want to get some rest? Did you lose an eye, hand, or leg on your last adventure? Write down your character’s information on this notepad to get started quickly the next time you play. The action point compass dial allows you to keep track of spent AP, making each player’s turn easier to manage.

  • $157000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): They’re beautiful, they’re charming…but they can be deadly when angered and their touch can kill. This SG includes a new enemy to face: the mermaids. Including the enemy card and 6 new miniatures to represent the Mermaids. 6 miniatures!
  • $164000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 5 Additional Journey Events. What new dangers lurk in the Caribbean Sea? 5 new Journey cards, with new events and dangers for your ship to face while sailing to your destination.
  • $171000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 New Tiles. A new adventure that will make our crew face a shipwreck in an island filled with dangers and legendary creatures. Including 2 new terrain tiles for the Adventure phase.


  • $178000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 4 Equipment Cards (2 models). We can all agree that there is never enough rum, guns and knives, and that’s why we are adding 4 new equipment cards with 2 new items. 2x Bayonets: these allow you to use your musket for melee attacks. 2x Legba Ring: these rings can protect you from curses.

  • $185000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 5 Event Cards. We’ll add 5 new event cards, related to the Mermaids and the new Swamp tiles to be included in the Adventure phase.

  • $195000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): Drowned One Enemy Character. Yemaya summoned unearthly creatures from the depths of the seas, raising drowned sailors to strike terror in our pirates. This SG includes a new enemy character, the Drowned One, with a new miniature and enemy card. 6 miniatures!


  • $202000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 5 Additional Rumor Cards. In such a bustling port as Tortuga Isle, there are always new rumors for those who know how to listen out for them. 5 new Rumors cards for the Port phase.

  • $209000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 5 Additional Journey Events. Is that friend or foe we see from the crow’s nest? The fog hides the Southern Lady but does it also hide some unknown danger? 5 new Journey cards increase your game options in this phase.

  • $216000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 New Tiles. 2 New tiles with special mechanics for the Adventure Phase: Pit & Lava.

  • $223000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 4 Search Cards (2 models). Does it seems like you have nothing better to do than dig up the ground to see if treasure pops up? We’ll add 4 new Search cards to the initial deck with 2 models. 1X Cursed medallion: adds a +1 to an attribute of your choice until the end of the Adventure. Once finished, roll a die, and if you get a 1 or 2, you will be cursed! 3x Erzulie Flower: Discard this card to reroll your dice.

  • $233000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): The Joker Character (1 miniature). The Joker has escaped death many times and nobody really knows how this pirate does it… New miniature included, as well as its character card and equipment card: the Medallion of Ndoki.



  • $240000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): Campaign III complete. The rage of Tianchana will immerse you in a new Campaign. The wrath of the mermaid queen and her terrible curse will haunt you! Includes the Campaign III booklet and a legendary card.

  • $260000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): New game mode: PvP. A new game mode for Skull Tales: Full Sail! Choose from the many different characters to form a gang of three pirates and compete to pillage the Governor’s villa. Two to five players can enjoy this new competitive game where the only way to win is to be the first one to get the governor’s treasure.

  • $267000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 Medium Tiles + Scenario. Two new medium tiles you can add to any Temple Adventure with their own mechanics, in a new 7×5 squares format. On one side you will find a mighty river that can sweep your characters away, and even worse, some parts are filled with starving piranhas! On the other side is a small labyrinth with moving walls and hidden dangers to test your pirates’ wits!


  •  $274000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): Journey Enemy: Pirate Ship. A new pirate brotherhood, the Black Sails, are roaming the Caribbean seas. Will you be able to hold your ground against this new sea enemy? A new enemy for the Voyage phase, with card and token.

  •  $281000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 4 Event Cards. 4 New Event cards that will force your pirates to stay alert at all times.

  • $288000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 Scenarios for PvP mode. In “Settling scores”, the pirate gangs will have to fight to keep their positions for a certain number of turns. In “Blackbeard’s legacy”, each gang will have to protect their treasure while trying to capture their opponents’.

  • $295000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 5 Additional Port Events. No one on Tortuga Isle has ever seen the mysterious lady that requested your aid. Will you risk your reputation to fulfill the whims of the black-veiled lady? 5 new event cards added to the Port phase.

  • $305000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): New Enemy: Pirate. 6 miniatures!

  • $312000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 New Tiles (Temple) .Two new 7×5 Temple tiles with their own mechanics for your temple adventures – quite the challenge. The first tile includes a series of traps that you must dodge or deactivate in order to avoid their devastating effects. Careful with that giant saw if you want to keep walking on two feet! The second tile comes with pits, chasms, and spike traps; but hard work can reap great rewards! In this case, we’re talking treasure, of course!

  • $319000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 4 Search Cards. My grandmother always said that whoever shall seek, shall find… We’re adding 4 new cards to bring more variety to the Search deck. Wara’ná seeds: Discard this card to receive three extra Aps. The three-headed idol: while handling the idol, it looks like you may have activated something…succeed an intelligence roll 5 o lose your turn along with half your coins.

  • $326000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 New Tiles.

  • $333000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): New enemy: Ghost (4 miniatures!). I always thought it was just a fairy tale, but now its standing in front of me, hanging in the air, fireballs for eyes…my soul shakes at the memory of that horrific vision. A new type of enemy arrives to your adventures to torment your pirates. We’re adding 4 ghost miniatures, with enemy card.

  • $340000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 4 Event Cards. We’re adding 4 new incident cards for the new tiles and enemies. Watch your back! At any moment a Black Sail could appear from nowhere to slit your throat while he laughs!

  • $347000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 New Tiles + adventure.

  • $354000 (Unlocked, Base Game): New Goods. The merchants on Tortuga Isle have become a lot stricter when buying goods. Sugar and wood are a couple of the items they have demanded. We’re including new types of goods for the Journey phase that also have unique effects; such as wood, which can also be used to improve repairs to your ship, or sugar, which can vary the outcome of one of your dice. Plus, we’re including two tokens to represent two Journey events: the Defense Tower and the Stony Crab.
  • $364000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): Character: Native Scout (1 miniature). That man could move as quick as a rabbit running from a hound. He was also the best shot on board the Southern Lady…our own lookout could barely keep up. We’re adding a new character to Skull Tales: Full Sail! The character comes with its corresponding miniature, character sheet, and two equipment cards (carbine and gunstock), along with his card for competitive mode. More information.
  • $371000 (Unlocked, Base Game): 4 Equipment Cards (2 models). Our favorite armorer has brought new equipment for us to use in our plundering: 2 x Leather Jerkin: any defense is good when coming up against danger, 2 x Pike: with a longer reach to wound your enemies.
  • $378000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): Campaign IV complete. The Brotherhood of Black Sails, our nemesis, is establishing control over the Caribbean. They neither follow rules nor have honor, and their actions have awaken an evil that has until now remained hidden in the bowels of a ruined temple. Will you be able to bring order and regain your Brotherhood’s supremacy of the Caribbean Sea? A new campaign that adds five more adventure phases, together with a legendary card that will make any pirate drool.
  •  $385000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): 2 New Tiles (Mountain) + adventure. Two 7×5 tiles with a new type of terrain for the Adventure phase: mountains. These tiles bring unique rules and a new adventure to play independently or as an alternative to a shipwreck.
  • $392000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): Journey enemy: Megalodon. Each tooth in that creature’s mouth was the size of a man! Capable of wrecking our ship’s hull with one bite, they said it was a huge shark but I thought it was the offspring of the devil himself!


  • $402000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): Character: Alchemist (miniature).
  • $409000 (Unlocked, Free Expansion): Something shone behind the small stone when the light touched it. That shine could only mean something valuable…or maybe not. Four new search cards for the Adventure phase to improve a pirate’s favorite deck. A lucky Mayan coin that can save your life and some strange fruit of unknown origin… 2 x Mayan Coins: luck is on your side. Discard this card to ignore the effect of one incident card. 2 x Exotic Fruit: succeed on an INT 4 roll. FAILURE = you down the fruit, but soon after start to feel a strong pain in your stomach. Receive one wound.
  • $416000 (Unlocked, Base Game): New Board (125x200mm). (We will upgrade the Voyage board to give it a more realistic design and make it look like a ship. On the other side, we will include a board for magic cards, to be used in your games as an extension of the Adventure board.
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