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Download the images of the avatars to use in the networks, look at the social goals Strech we have (unlocked and unlock), and help...

Now you can use the images of the characters as a profile photo in social networks, avatar in forums and even in the Kickstarter itself! You can download them in good quality and size here.        And it's just about characters, about what this survey is about, to help us decide what new character to add to the crew of "The Lady of the South." Https:// These are our proposals:

  • The swordsman: "He has been looking for the author of his mother's death for years. And although it is a master of fencing, sometimes his sanity usually happens bad passes accusing anyone who crosses him:-You killed my mother… Prepare to die! "
  • The musician: "That man was barely a meter tall and he used to look kind and gentle as he sang on deck to lift the spirit of the crew. But when the time came to fight, it looked like a Jaguar handling those pistols with knives… "
  • The rebellious nobleman: "He had to marry very young with an old aristocrat and say the evil tongues which scarcely endured the marquis a week before ending his life, drowning it in his bed. Now, the capricious widow has decided to live adventures in a New world, asserting her hunting skills with her dog of war… "
  • The Bodyguard: "A Turkish giant who sowed terror with only his presence. His enormous scimitar had mowed more lives than the entire crew together. I myself had seen him throw his fearsome blow to several jackets at once and not leave any one standing… "

We also remind you of the social SGs and its exclusive rewards for patrons, because they are very close to achieving!

  • BGG (already unlocked): We have surpassed the 300 fans, so the 2 boxes of size 50x50x70mm are already yours!

  • FACEBOOK: To reach 2000 "I like" and share this special entry 400 times the patrons will receive 2 exclusive boxes of 70x70x110mm with special design, to store all the big cards: Cruise and port events and letters of rumors and orders of the captain.

  • Twitter: If Retuiteamos 400 times this tweet and we reached 1200 followers on our Twitter. Patrons will receive an exclusive miniature of a Zombie, which can be invoked by the Voodoo man.
  • Pirate Contest! Share photos, videos or audios from your family or friends, related to pirates. If we reach 200 participations, adding Twitter and Facebook we will give away this sliding box to save our treasures. We will include a letter of voyage in the game dedicated to the crew of the winning proposal, as well as a gift for the winning patron: an exclusive sliding box for our treasures of Skull Tales, 80x80x50mm.

A new sailing week begins for the crew of Skull Tales: Full Sail! Don't stay ashore, join!


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