Eclipse Editorial

“Confront unique heroes in epic battles. A skirmish game with asymmetric factions in an eastern fantasy setting.”

Our crowdfunding campaigns are always delivered in both English and Spanish, so we have decided to launch our campaign on two platforms simultaneously: Kickstarter and Verkami, in English and Spanish respectively.

If you want to check out the project in English go to Kickstarter and if you’d rather do it in Spanish go to Verkami.

Regardless of the platform you use to back the game, during the Pledge Manager you can choose the language versions. The contents of the game are exactly the same in both languages.


Why launch on two different platforms at the same time?

We have always delivered our games in Spanish and English, so this time we have decided to give backers the opportunity to choose the platform they prefer: Verkami or Kickstarter.

Are the Stretch Goals the same for both campaigns? How does this work?

Yes. The Stretch goals unlocked on one platform will be automatically added to the other campaign. Backers will get exactly the same game and the list of Stretch Goals is the same on both platforms. We have simplified the process so you don’t have to do any complex calculations or anything like it.

What happens if only one platform reaches the funding goal?

We will definitely produce the game, if that is the case. We have designed two campaigns with a shared funding goal we are sure to reach. As in all our previous campaigns, we will keep a steady flow of communication with all our backers on both platforms, providing information on project status during the whole process.